Custom Design Guide


Custom Design Guide


Custom Jewels are designed by you and made by us. They allow you to create the pieces you wish existed and turn your most cherished ideas into gold. Custom jewels come in your choice of a necklace, ring, bracelet or set of earrings. As sentimental as a tattoo, your jewelry piece can incorporate ANY font, handwriting, language, logo or small image. Designs must be flat and 2 dimensional. For 3D designs, please inquire through our contact page.


Start your design process by viewing our Inspiration Guide to get some unique ideas prompts. Visit our gallery and check out these before and after pictures for examples of past customer pieces.


Use the FONT GUIDE or browse the website for font ideas. To try out different fonts on, simply click on a font you like and enter your name, word or phrase in the "custom preview" box located at the top left corner. Once you are finished save the image and send it in with your order.


Use Google Translate to translate words in different languages.


When purchasing the 'Custom Necklace', there are three options to pick from the drop down menu:
-the name/word option
-the signature/handwriting option
-the small image/logo option.

Make sure you pick the correct option that corresponds with your desired design.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email that will ask you to send in an image of your desired design. The finished product will be an exact 2D replica of your image. Feel free to email to get help with any design ideas before purchasing.



What are the Custom Jewels made of?

All custom jewels are available in both 14K gold plated stainless steel or silver stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust with exposure to water, it does not oxidize with exposure to the air and does not corrode or tarnish like other metals such as sterling silver. Stainless steel is eco friendly, anti-tarnish/rust, water resistant and considered safe for most people with metal allergies. Stainless steel is water resistant--not waterproof. This means means it can get wet here and there and not rust/tarnish but is not suitable for constant water submersion as this will cause the gold plating ot become dull. The silver version (with no gold plating) is waterproof and can be worn in the water often. With proper care, gold plating should last 1-3 years before needing to be re-plated. 10k & 14k solid gold available upon request. To obtain pricing please send an email to or send us a message through our contact page.

How long does it take?

Unlike fast fashion acessory brands, we are a small, virtual, bespoke jewelry design studio. Custom items are made from scratch and to your specifications. Each item is handmade and takes time. For custom items, please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. Longer wait times will incure if we have a higher than normal volume of orders. If you need an item for a specific or shorter time frame, please contact us before placing your order and we will try our hardest to accomodate it.

What type of designs can be made with the Custom Jewels line?

ANY language,symbol, font or handwriting can be turned into a piece of jewelry. Customize your piece with the use of names, logos, signatures, mantras, lyrics, quotes, dates and more.
If you need any further clarification or have any questions please feel free to email us at or send us a message through our contact page.


All custom necklaces come with a singapore chain.

Figaro and curb chains are available at an additional cost here.

We can create our rings in any size (half sizes included). If you dont know your ring size, refer to this video for different ways you can measure at home.

If you have an existing ring that fits perfectly, you can measure the inside diameter and compare it to this size chart.
ring-diameter ringsize2

Chains for the 'Custom Necklaces' come in lengths 14in-30in, see below for a legnth guide. It is important to note that chain lengths fit differently on men and women .

womensnecklacesmall menschain


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